Continuum, finally here!


(Check out the trailer on YouTube!)

Continuum is a 3rd person adventure game where you must move through the environment and interact with various objects in the scene to advance the plot. This game tells the story of a mountain rescuer receiving an SOS call coming from a stranger at the peaks of a snowy mountain, and embarks on an adventure to save this stranger. This expedition will take him to a mysterious temple where time seems to behave differently.
The player will need to solve challenges in order to progress, and a series of deja vu's will appear upon the completion of each of these challenges, gradually revealing the rescuer's fate.

A game by 5 Centre NAD students :

Agustin Trechi (

Fanny Campagnie (

Micheal Meltchenko (

Viro Nhek (

Youssef Semache (

Voice Acting Talent : Kyle Johnson

Trailer courtesy of SneakingFox

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[Torrent download]
Continuum is a free game, but if you would like to show your support, consider donating!
Any amount is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

*Please bare in mind that the game contains some minor bugs in a few puzzles. Our intentions was to tell the story of the character. Those bugs however, should not affect the progression of the game. 

**There is no saving system. Try not to fall off the mountain. The game can be finished quite quickly, so if you do die by some chance, give it another try.


  • Movement: W, A, S, D
  • Interaction: E, Left Mouse Button (Quick mouse clicks in some sequences)
  • View navigation: Mouse

  • To Run  the game, go your installation folder and >Continuum\Binaries\Win32\UDK.exe
  • To change the resolution, create a shortcut and add to the launch of its properties in the object graph-log ResX = X ​​ResY = Y,       for example, C: \ Games \ Continuum \ Binaries \ Win32 \ UDK.exe-log ResX = 1680 ResY = 1050
  • To toggle between windowed and full-screen view - F11
  • If you have any questions about the game, contact us using the email addresses posted above.

      ***Have fun!***